About Me

Loving every minute of my married life. I'm a jolly person. I'm really fun to be with. I'm really your jeans and t-shirt kind of girl with wash and wear hair. I'd leave the house with wet hair. We can talk about everything.

I'm too mature for my age, so I go for mature guys. Ayoko ng lahat kailangan i-explain sa partner ko. Dapat I'm the baby. My partner should be tantrum-proof! I prefer men to find me attractive not after a minute of seeing me but after at least an hour of talking to me.

I'm not the girl who gets sucked into doing all night tequila shots when I have a presentations due the next day, but I certainly have fun. I have enough willpower to say no to self-destructive temptations but enough confidence and playfulness to let myself indulge. The secret of my sensibility... I trust my own judgement and know how to make a quick educated decision. I dont have a lot of regrets because I tend to do what I want to do and avoid the things that may not be best for me in the long run.
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