Monday, April 11, 2011

0 Bruno Mars Concert

It says in the ticket that the show will start at 8pm. Since we didn’t get the tickets for reserved seats, we tried to be early. Let me tell you remember what happened on a timeline mode. =)
6pm : We arrived in Araneta around this time. There were a lot of people lining up already waiting to be able to come in. The place was so busy. Lots of Security Guards, men in blue shirt with the word ‘Marshall’ printed on the back.. The ticket counter was busy too. I think the concert management decided to sell some more standing room only tickets due to demands of the people. We lined up, patiently waiting…
6:15pm : The woman in front of us started to check her bag. Then her pockets. Looking so nervous and scared, she started panicking. She told her daughter that she can’t find her ticket. The daughter started to get worried also. They looked and looked on all of their bags and pockets, but no concert ticket appeared. Then they called the marshall. They told him what happened. Not sure what they talked about  coz I’m busy tweeting. LOL Then the mother and daughter disappeared. I think, they were not able to find their tickets and just decided to go home. Sad..
6:30pm : The line started moving. And we can see people starting to get inside with all smiles in their face. Then our turn. We were so excited. I did not let go of my husband’s hands as I was afraid that I might lost him in the crowd.
6:40pm : We got our seats. Right in front of the stage. Super nice! We took a seat and then just looked around with people busy choosing where they wanna be seated. Hotdogs, bottled water, popcorn, french fries and pizza are available for the people while waiting. Even shades with flashing lights in different colors were being sold. No, we didn’t but anything.
7pm: I was busy taking pictures. My husband went to the comfort room and when came back, he got us Jamaican Patty – our favorite! So yum. But since they were fresh from the oven, it was so hard to eat them as they were super dooper hot. Beatles songs were being played while waiting for the show to start.
7:15pm: I called the bottled water vendor and got two.
7:30pm : There’s this girl who’s in a completely backless top roaming around looking for available seats. Up and down, left and right.. She’s pretty by the way.
8pm : People started to show their excitement. Clapping, shouting and all other things that can get the attention of the organizer to start the show. A few celebrities were also spotted: Jinky Pacquiao with her Mom and Sister, Valerie Concepcion with her daughter, Kris AquinoVice Ganda, Raymond Guttierez (not really sure if its Raymond or Richard though) and many more.
8:10pm : Juris, previously with MYMP came out of the stage. She got a very nice face in screen. She sang two songs. Good voice, too.
8:25pm : Michael Copon and some dancers came out. I would say, I thought we were in the wrong show. LOL Well, he’s just doing the front acts before the main show. This guy’s hot! Handsome, moreno-looking, tall. He is the Blue Ranger in the Power Rangermovie – interesting! I was all smiles when he was singing. He requested for a girl to come up in stage andthe rest is history. All the kilig moments you can think of. I can say, he knows how to excite the crowd and he’s good. Hahaha!
8:45pm : No Bruno Mars yet. Beatles songs started to play again. People were getting impatient. There were a long dead stage moments. People shouting, clapping their hands, shouting Bruno’s name, etc.. Me, I am getting impatient too..
9:10pm : Crowd went wild. Bruno Mars is on stage already. This is all I can say, O.M.G.! He’s really good. The expensive tickets are all worth it. Me and my husband enjoyed it so much. Bruno sang most of the crowd’s favorite songs: Billionaire, Marry you, Grenade, Nothing On You, Just The Way You Are and many many more. hey were a couple of times where we had to stand and dance. Haha!
10:10pm : He announces his last song.. After singing, he said ‘I’m a Filipino. I promise to coma back soon. I wanna see the same faces again!’ People got wild again, shouting ‘More! We want more!’ But he went ahead.. I saw everybody standing. No one sat after Bruno left the stage. People were still shouting.. No one is sitting. Everybody was hoping Bruno will back on stage and sing another song.
10:20pm : And… he’s back, on stage! he changed his top already. He gave in to the people’s request for another song. But he gave more. He did a song and dance number. Super nice!!
10:35pm : Show is over. Everybody’s happy. We really enjoyed it. Every penny spent to the get the tickets, was all worth it.


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