Sunday, April 03, 2011

0 Flexi-Sched

Well, March is my 6th month with P. So far so good. Since I got my regularization paper and a salary increase on my 3rd month, I did not expect anything this time. Though it will be much better if.. you know.. Haha!
I was not wrong. I was advised by R that there will be no added perks yet since I got them on my 3rd month already. I said okay. But then I realized, I can still ask for another one which I think will be easy for P. I asked if I can get the full flex sched. R asked my boss and we got a green light. I was so happy. At least, even if no more salary increase, I won’t get any deductions on my payroll if I report for work after 1pm.
Most of us were on a semi-flexi sched. This one, the employee needs to report to the office for work on or before 12pm for them not to get a deductions on their payroll. If they come in past 12pm, deductions comes in by the minute. Meanwhile, full-flex sched is a privilege given to some employees by our company. This means that an employee can come in anytime of the day to report for work, as long as a total of 40hrs was rendered in 5 working days. Super nice.
For me, its so hard for me to get up early since I usually stay in the office until dawn. This is to make sure I get to talk to our clients since they are in the US. You know, night time here, morning for them. Oh well. I love it, coz I get to talk to different people. Being in a BPO industry for almost most of my professional life, I am used to dealing with foreigners. With being in the office until dawn, I usually wake up late in the morning. I always get deductions on the payslip. Biggest deductions I got was Php700, I think. Which I can already use to pay for my bills. Tsk tsk.
Effective March 14, 2011, I get to enjoy the full-flex sched now. Woohoo! Thanks to my boss and to P.


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