Thursday, August 04, 2011

0 Tuna Dekada of Gourmet Pao

After having no rice for a month now, I suddenly crave for something. Hubby suggested that we get gourmet pao. I immediately said yes!
The Pao are so big that I thought I will not be able to finish it by myself. And thinking that I am on a diet, gosh! I got the tuna dekada and my husband got the seven treasures. I was not able to take pictures of them since we were in a hurry worried that we might get stuck in traffic and flood! So, thanks for Munchy Crunchy for the photos. I love my tuna dekada because of its eggs and cheese. And its really loaded!! I immediately ate my pao right we got inside the cab and so my tounge suffered. The cheese is still really hot. Huhuhu..
Oh, and I forgot that the tuna is spicy! Delicious!!
This quick experience with hubby shall happen again!! Thanks Hun!


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