Friday, November 25, 2011

0 I'm Cancer-free!

4 days after I got out of the hospital. It was Nov. 8, 2011. This is also the day that the results of my biopsy will be released. A day before that, I went to church. Waiting for the results has been the lowest point of my life. I was already thinking what should I do if it becomes positive? How should I react? Should I cry? Should I be mad? Should I be preparing my family? When is my last day here on earth? And a lot more.. I was in the church not to attend mass or anything. I went there to cry. I was so scared but I didn't want my family to see or feel it. I sat in the one of the benches in the church and stared crying. Looking at Jesus in his crucifix, I can feel tons of tears flowing in my face. But I was not praying. Not sure why. I was just looking at him. My mind is empty. All of a sudden, those questions in my mind were gone. I cried for merely an hour.. 

After that, I felt that my eyes were already dry. I think, my tear glands gave up. Then a nun sat beside me. She smiled at me. I can't remember her face as I didn't look at her directly because I don't want her to see I was crying. Then she started talking to me. Here's what we talked about:

Sister: "anak, kanina ka pa umiiyak, di pa masakit mga mata mo?"
Me: "hindi naman po, sister, pero kusa na pong tumigil ang mga mata ko sa pag-iyak." 
Sister: "tahan na. close your eyes.." 
I closed my eyes, waiting for her to continue.. 
Sister: "meron ka pa ba mga tanong sa isip mo ngayon?"
Me: "wala na po ako maalala, sister."
Sister: Tignan mo sya" (saying to look at Jesus in front of us) "then close your eyes again."
I did what she said.. Then she held my hand. I opened my eyes and I was crying again.
Sister: "tahan na, magaling ka na.." 
Then she embraced me and smiled then walked away. 

I felt relieved. I didn't know how I feel, but I'm sure there's happiness inside me. 
I said my little prayer then left the church. I headed back home. 

The next day, I received a text message my doctor. Here she goes:
"Hi Ness. I got the results on our biopsy, its okay. Its benign. Not cancer." 

This is the greatest news I ever got in my life. 
I am really thankful of all the blessings and the 2nd life that was given to me. 

And to the sister in church, I never got the chance to thank you, but I know, someday, we will see each other again. Thank you.. 


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