Thursday, January 05, 2012

0 The MOA Eye

I heard about this but since I am not fan of ferris wheels, I didn't care. I'm sure you have heard about this too and even tried it already. My husband told me, we'll try this weekends. I didn't know that it was December 15, 2011 is its grand launch. lol. *I told you, I'm not interested in giant wheels*. But I am actually excited to try this out. My first and last try of ferris wheel was last 2010 when we had our pre-nup pictorial in Enchanted Kingdom. This was around May. See here:

This weekend, we'll get to try the newest craze in town - the SM Mall of Asia - MOA Eye. This is the tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines with 36 air-conditioned gondolas each capable of carrying 6 people for a total of 216 people at the maximum. The name MOA Eye was adapted from London Eye but they're not the same in height. Haha. Grand launch or the lighting ceremony was held last December 15, 2011 and was officially open to the public on December 18, 2011.

Since I haven't been there, I am posting photos from Daddy Joey's posts. Credits to him. Thanks!

This is something to be proud that I am a Filipino. I will post about my own experience on this next week.


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