Friday, February 03, 2012

0 Once Upon A Time

When I was still in school, I always had a dream of being a UP's student. University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, to be exact. I wanted to take up Chemical Engineering. I remember taking up UPCAT examination so I can be a student on this university. My first attempt for Chemical Engineering course - failed. But I was able to make to their other courses. They offered me Journalism and Broadcasting. Uhm, I said no. 

Then I went to my 2nd choice of degree - Computer Engineering. And during that time, it was AMA Computer College (University now) which is so popular for the computer courses.. Here, there were no UPCAT. But studying here requires a lot of money. Quite pricey compared to other schools during that time aside from that it is on a tri-semestral stype of teaching. Meaning, instead of paying for your tuition fees twice a year, you will have pay thrice a year. Since my parents got enough savings and my dad's working as OFW, I was able to finish my studies here. I had no regrets, honestly. I love the school. This is where I gained friends. This is the time I learned to work while studying. My computer engineering degree has helped me a lot in my current status and job. It was early 1990s that BPO/call centers were booming. I was able to get a job there and that job helped me climb the ladder of success and my position right now. 

When I graduated, I still wanted to get that Chemical Engineering degree. I worked for a while and saved some money. Luckily, I was able to drag myself back to UP. Haha! Since, this will be my 2nd degree, I don't have to take up UPCAT again. Nice! I just have to take the major subjects. After 2yrs I was able to graduate with my 2nd degree and was able to get my license as an Engineer. I never felt more complete that day. I was happy. Until now, I don't have any regrets. My friends told me, I should've taken a masteral degree instead of getting the second course. 

While browsing the newspaper this morning, I was able to read a short article about the glitches in the 2012 results of UPCAT exams. I am not interested on this type of issues, actually. Because, since I was able to experience the exam itself, being on that room for the whole day and being at home for like one whole week or two just to review, I believe the names of the students who made it, they deserve it. No one can ever question that. Yes, there will always be issues like that, but why don't you just be happy for those who made it. Is it because your relative or your child didn't make it? Uhmm... I'll leave that up to you. 

Here is the official list of UPCAT 2012 results: Here

For those who made it to the list, congratulations. Be proud and make your parents prouder. :-)


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