Monday, March 05, 2012

5 The Good & The Bad Delivery Service

On the last hour of the month of February and because of the scorching weather here in Manila, I thought I needed something cold and sweet. After a few minutes, I found myself logging-in to my McDo online delivery website account. I got myself a 6-pc chicken nuggets meal (large fries and upgrade to monster coke float). Although, the store is just a few steps from our house, I'm too lazy to get a decent shirt and go there. 

After submitting my orders, in a matter of 5 mins, I got a text message confirming my order. By the way, you only get text messages if the store already knows you. LOL On the message, it says, pls expect your food after 30mins. Okay. Good. 

After 30mins, no delivery crew in our door steps. On the 35th minute, the store manager texted me and said, "Mam, pasensya na po, medyo madedelay po ang food nyo, may konting problema lang po sa delivery guy namin. Sorry po talaga." 

So, I replied : "That's fine. No worries. Just make sure my food is not lapsed when they get here, pls. Thanks." 

Got another response from her: "Yes Mam. Pasensya na po tlg. Your food is on its way na po to your location. Thanks for understanding." 

After merely 45mins, I got my food. When I opened the bag, I got something else. Then I received another text message: "Pls accept your complimentary fries as a token for your understanding us."

I actually smiled. Felt good, honestly. I replied "Got my food now. Thanks for being honest and for the free fries." 

Sometimes, it needs a little of honesty and letting customers know on what happened to their food. This makes a great impact on our customer experience. The free fries is also optional. :-P

Good job, Mcdo! 


Keith said...

LOL. Delivery from McDo? Here, in the states, no. I like knowing that my chiefg laziness will be indulged should I come back to the islands. I enjoyd the report.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

good for you!

Unknown said...

OO nga e. hehe. salamat sa pagbisita. =)

Unknown said...

Hi Keith! Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

Unknown said...

tama kesa maraming excuse, +1 cla dyan.

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