Monday, November 01, 2010

0 The National Thank You Day in the Philippines

I have never been to any other countries. Philippines is the only I know, by heart. I grew up with my grandmother in the province of Pangasinan. When it was time for me to go to school, my mom brought me to Manila. I hated my mom for this. I grew up thinking and believing my lola is my mom. I hated my mom because I saw my lola’s sad face while kissing me goodbye..

In Manila, I continued my life basically alone. My mom is working, my dad was an overseas worker. I’ll wake up in the morning with my school uniform beside and my breakfast already prepared in the table. I’ll prepare for school alone. I go to school alone.  I envy those kids with their mom or dad waiving at them before entering our classroom. I usually attends school gatherings alone. I hated my parents for this.

Then, we had a chance to take a vacation. A family vacation. In Ilocos Sur, the hometown of my mom. The trip was 12hrs long. Boring. But it was one of the most memorable time of my life. I get to spend my whole 12hrs with my mom and dad. Just the feeling of sitting with them all throughout the day, made me happy. With me sleeping on my dad’s chest and him holding my mom’s hands, heaven!

These all happened in the Philippines. My beloved country. It is where I got my chance to appreciate my parents more. With it’s beauty and wonderful feel-good places, I learned to take away the hatred in my heart. Philippines, with all its small islands, it always reminds me of no matter how different I am from my parents, that I will never be complete without them.

The National Thank You Day from Toblerone in the Philippines gave me the chance of saying thank you for the chances that it has been giving me. I realized now, how Philippines made my whole life and personalities. Philippines helped me of what I have become right now. I submitted a picture of a pathway which gives you the opportunity to choose which way would you go, left or right.
If it wouldn’t by the famous DSL connection (again, in the Philippines), I will not be able to read this beautiful blog, I will not be able to do this. It is very inspiring to see other people who are very thankful also on this. Thank you.
Truly, there are many things to be thankful. But a simple, sincere and heart-felt “Thanks!” will do.


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