Sunday, November 07, 2010

0 Going gaga on stickers!

I love coffee. It is safe to say, I love Starbucks. Though, it costs me much from my every-payday budget, I don’t care. It makes me alive and kicking while working. I can say, I am the type of person who can stand a 24-36hrs straight with no sleep, but it’s different when I had coffee. Yes, I am body is awake and my brain is awake too. Maybe because of the stimulants that a coffee can give?

Last night, I had dinner with a friend and while waiting for her, I decided to check-in in Starbucks. Part of me was excited since I wanna see the new planners. The 2011 planners. The place was jam packed. Noisy. The line to the counter was long. I was the 10th person on the line. But I didn’t care. Soon enough, I saw the planners already on display. Nice!

Time for me to order. I was surprised that my favorite dark cherry mocha. It is an espresso with bitter sweet mocha sauce, dark cherry-flavored syrup and steamed milk. Topped with sweetened whipped cream. I felt sad. I waited for almost a year to get a taste of this again.. Starbucks replaced it with praline mocha. Next is the toffee nut latte and peppermint mocha. I am really not a fan of these two, actually. I ordered praline mocha.
I remember me and my friends racing to get the Starbucks planner. It was fun. I miss those days. The 2011 Planner features 14 Starbucks stores, giving customers a feel of Starbucks as their “third place”–a spot they go to frequently next to their homes and workplace. The planners are available in three designs with each cover representing elements found in Starbucks stores: Maroon Velvet Fabric, Cool Clean Stainless Steel and Stained Dark Wood Panels.
Here is my 1st sticker. Stickers may be obtained until January 5, 2011 and redemption of planners is until March 6, 2011. Nice!
So, goodluck to me and to all! Happy collecting!! Here are my 2010 Starbucks collections.


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