Friday, December 10, 2010

0 New Pad at the End of Year

I recently moved to a new apartment. I didn’t like the idea of moving to a new apartment all by myself. My husband is in Manila looking for a job and we cannot pay for the rent and bills anymore, so we needed to move to a smaller and cheaper apartment. I realized it was fun looking for a new place to stay. Been 2 weeks now since I transferred here. So far, I am loving my new place. Smaller pad but I love the space. I have my mini living room.

Here are some pictures. Meet Praggy.
Meet Bibi and Nikki. They are my bed buddies and my house guards.
I also love my new curtains!!
I also get to bring my dresser and my collections cabinet.
And of course, my tv and my mini theater system. LOL
My pad has a very nice and spacious comfort room. You know what’s missing? Aircon! I plan to buy a 2nd hand aircon since I won;t be able ti use it all the time. =)

So far, so good. I am loving my place. Smaller but I get to appreciate the space and the things that I have. =)


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