Friday, December 10, 2010

0 The Husband Visited

It’s been more than a month that we got separated. My husband and I decided to part ways so he get a better job and prepare more for our future and to pay for our obligations. It was very hard. So sad. I was crying almost everyday. I was so scared. At once I hated him for doing so. But, we had no choice during that time.
Fast forward: After a month, he got a job already. I sold most of our appliances since I will be moving to a smaller pad. Double-sized bed, bed foams, 4 seater sofa, Christmas tree, all sold. We got some extra money that I can buy him plane tickets to go here and visit me again. Also to check my new place.
Fast forward: I was so excited. I get to see the man of life again. So, I went to get him in the airport. We hugged and kissed. It was one of the best kiss and hugs. I missed him so much. He hugged me so tight that I felt how much he missed me. We got a cab and headed home. It was raining hard.
Fast forward: Right after I closed the door, he hugged me. He kissed me torridly. I kissed him too, like there’s no more tomorrow. It was so intimate. We made love. That night, I felt so much love. I felt the feeling of being loved again. He made sure he was able to make me feel it. I love the feeling of making love with the man of my life. I love the feeling of him coming inside me. I love the feeling of his breath in my breasts. I love the feeling of his hands spreading my 2 legs..
Fast forward: I love it when I saw him close his eyes while I kiss his neck. It’s heaven for me every time I hear him moan. I love feeling the hard handle and guide it between my legs.. My sweat mixed with his sweat..
Fast forward: It was so intense and we both reached the heaven at the same time. He hugged me tightly while he let go of his juices inside me. Then he kissed me and say, “I Love You, be..” I smiled and kissed him back.
He stayed for 2nights and we didn’t waste any time. We made love and spend time with each other arms for as long as we could.. Now he’s back in Manila. I miss him. Everyday, I long for his touches, for his kisses..
Someday, I know, we won’t be apart anymore and will get to be together for as long as we can..


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