Sunday, January 02, 2011

0 Vacation's Over

Been here in Manila for a 10-day vacation. Days to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my family. It was a blast and I am so happy. This is my 1st Christmas and 1st New Year as a wife. I loved it and I was so excited.
This season is also the time I started to be a Cityville addict. Oh, I forgot to mention, I get my internet connection from my neighbor. Free wi-fi baby!! With 2 bars of signal strength, this is enough for me to downloads my work emails and surf the net. Woohoo!
I also met my elementary friends. We held our 1st official reunion and it was really fun. ‘Twas so nice to see them again. Some I was not able to recognize as 1st. But what the heck, we we’re all having fun. We all love to laugh. And that’s what’s important to me. If we can laugh at small things together, then I can have fun with them. LOL. We we’re all cam whore that’s another reason why I enjoyed it. Walang maarte – in short.
This Christmas and New Year is special to me. Had so much pains and tears on the last quarter of 2010 and this vacation made me pick up myself again.. This time, me and hubby already decided that I go back here in Manila and focus on having a baby. Yes! It’s time. We want a little angel in our life. I hope He will hear our prayers..
Sorry for not updating my blog lately. I guess I just enjoyed my vacation too much. I will post pictures soon. Though the title of this entry seems to be sad, I am happy. It is nice to start the new decade with all these new happenings in my life. Bring it on 2011!!


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