Saturday, January 15, 2011

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I have been thinking what to write about this past few days. I’m always looking at my page and then end up cancelling what I started to write. Been staying in the office as well for at least 12hrs everyday to finish-up several proposals and quotes for our clients. Anyway, this time, I think this is really worth writing about.. Let me rant again, please.
B, our admin assistant told me that she haven’t processed my BIR forms. Specifically the form in which you will need to update your records. And I asked her why. She told me, that my records was not updated and processed by my previous employer, L. I felt fire in my face.
Here’s what should have happened. When I transferred here in C, L should have processed the transfer of records and my RDO #. This is to consolidate all records and to make sure that I am paying my taxes from C. But, I just learned that this did not happen. I’m so pissed that I wanted to go to their stupid office and file a complaint. Oh my god! For 2yrs that I worked with L, none of my government records where processed. In short, I do not exist in Cebu!!!
This is the same with my Pag-Ibig contributions. For 2yrs, they did not processed the transfer of records from M to C. Now, I can’t apply for a loan since this has to be processed 1st and I need to wait for freakin’ 6months after being fully processed to file for a loan.
Argh! I hate L!! I don’t care if they see this post, but I hate them to the highest level. Sometimes, I wish they’d go down but I know, in time, they will.
I pitty those employees who are still with them, thinking that they are with the best employer. No you’re not. Definitely not. I learned it the hard way and joining L is the most stupid and worst decision I made in my life!


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