Thursday, June 30, 2011

0 Going Home with Aristocrat

Aristocrat is one of the restaurants I grew up with. I remember, everytime after mass with my Mom and Dad, we go there to have lunch. I always order their boneless chicken barbeque with java rice. Too bad when I moved in to Cebu, they don’t have a branch there. So, I only get to have a taste of it everytime I’m in a vacation. I make it a point to eat there. Any of their branches! LOL. I like there well, aside from its owned by a Filipino, the place is so classy but food are in reasonable prices and all worth it. Until now, I am amazed on its history and how the late  Doña Engracia (“Aling Asiang”) Cruz-Reyes and her husband, Justice Alex A. Reyes started.
See their oldest restaurant located in Roxas Blvd with it’s menu back then. Last Monday, I arrived here in Manila. And this is not for vacation only. This is for good! Oh yeah! Been very busy moving in to our new house. I will blog about it soon. Anyway, yesterday, me and my hubby went to SM to buy some stuff for our new nest. I got excited because SM Manila has an Aristocrat branch. Woohoo! So, after the tiring, household shopping, we headed to Aristocrat. The usual feeling, very light, the mood was great. The place is so cozy and people are eating and looks very happy. No noisy jejemons! The waiter approcahed us immediately and led us to our table. Greeted and gave their menu. Their menu has changed! Very classy, elegant. Haha! So, we ordered 2 boneless chicken barbeque, fresh lumpia sa ubod (my favorite), pansit canton and their spicy pork alexander. Too bad they don’t have fresh buko in a shell. LOL. 15mins to cook but our food arrived at exactly on its 10th minute. Look!
Best dinner on the 1st week in Manila. Woot! Oh, by the way, I also ordered their flying saucer. This is a toasted bread pockets with adobo or corned beef filling. I ordered 1 adobo and 1 corned beef but I like the adobo more. Teehee.
Usually, on my food reviews here in blog, I rate them on the price, taste, value for money, etc. This time, I need not to say more. Burp!!
Here are their branches.


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