Thursday, June 09, 2011

0 It's Official

It’s offcial. It has been announced to the Steering Committee. I will be going home and will be working from there. Here’s an open letter for my Boss..
Dear boss,
Working with you for the past 9 months has been overwhelming for me. Pero, I am enjoying the feeling. The fact that you accepted my application as your AM, enough na un. Masarap ka ka-trabaho, ang gaan lang. Kahit feeling ko sasabog na brains ko at times, okay lang skin. Of course, there are times na I feel down and let’s say demotivated, I guess normal na un sa mga companies.. Pero you always make it a point na everything’s gonna be alright.
I learned a lot. And honestly, I want to learn more. Sorry if minsan, parang nag-i-stop ang brains ko and madami ako tanong syo. Maka-boss ksi ako.. Even sa mga past employers ko, I tend to be very close w/ my boss and mimic their traits which I think will be very good for me. Hehe. Sabi ko syo nung mother’s day sa text, thanks for being strong for us and enlightening me. Serious un. What I meant sa for being strong for us is being strong for me talaga un. You didn’t know minsan, napanghihinaan ako ng loob everytime mag fail ang projects ko. Pero I have to be strong e. Kapag di na ako okay, I usually asks for a quick discussion w/ u, after nun, okay nko ulit. Ganyan ka kagaan katrabaho..
When I sent my resignation letter, ang sama ng loob ko. I kept on telling myself na how dare me do that to the person who supported me all the way.. I’m sorry.. I’ve been honest w/ u of the reasons because I thought un na lang magagawa ko, ang magpaka-totoo syo.. That was really heart-breaking for me..
Now, its official, I’m going home and still will be working w/ you. I can never thank you enough for believing in me and not letting me go. Honestly, I wished for this. Na di mo ko papayagan umalis, ung mga ganun. Hehe. Nakaka-flatter. Nakaka-boost ng morale. Sincerely, salamat boss.. As I have been telling Lindo, you’re gonna be proud of me someday. Hehe.
I won’t promise anything to you pero I will do my best to prove that you made the right decision. I wanna grow w/ our company. I wanna be of help. Still, it breaks my heart everytime this idea comes to my mind. Nakakaiyak. Nakakainis. Leaving is leaving. Kahit bali-baliktarin nten, things will never be the same. And I am very positive that things will change for the better. Mami-miss kita. Ung mga tawanan nten. Haha! Ung lipstick discussions nten. And ung iba pang mga funny secrets natin about our projects. Ahahah!
Thank you, thank you, thank you boss..

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