Sunday, August 28, 2011

0 August 27, 2011

2nd stretch of our long weekends. This was supposedly 4-day weekends only but me and husband took a day off from work last Friday, so this makes a 5-day rest day! August 27, 2011, 2nd day. It was raining hard. Non-stop. Flooded everywhere. Good thing, we were at the 3rd floor of the condo so we don’t have to worry. LoL! We planned to go out and see a movie. Cars 2! But since the weather’s not really good, strong winds and heavy rains, we were so lazy to get up. Husband was just lying in bed watching TV. Me? Stuck playing cityville, train city and sims social in FB. Haha! When we realized, there were no rains anymore, we remember we had plans of going out. But its too cold to take a shower, husband went immediately back to bed. Hay!
Then he realized, he wants some soup. Me, as lawfully abiding wife (duh!), checked the fridge and saw some frozen chickens. I wanted to cook chicken tinola. But I got no other ingredients. Since the rain has stopped, I went out for a while and get the ingredients I need. The groceries and market were just one block away from our condo. I got papaya, dahon ng sili, luya and chicken cubes. Wolah! Chicken tinola. So nice to have a hot soup on this cold weather.
Hot rice + ice-cold iced-tea + hot chicken tinola = happy tummy and sleepy head. Ciao!


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