Thursday, August 11, 2011

0 My Own Recipes

Someone asked me if I am a food blogger. Haha! This got me thinking. I have myTumblr account which I use mainly to post all the food I had from different restaurants and many dates with my Hubby. From all places to all kinds of recipe. I also post my own creations. Well, I am not sure if I can call myself a food blogger now. I tried, before to include in my food posts the ingredients and the way I cooked them. But it makes me lazy to remember the ingredients and how I cooked them. Something like, “cut the pork in strips, etc” is not my forte. Haha! I just want to post the picture of the finished product. That’s it. I posted some of them here:
Well, aside from that my husband supports me 100% on my cooking habits, I guess I am just making the most of my ‘work-from-home’ schedule. Ciao!


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