Tuesday, October 04, 2011

0 One Fine Day

My husband needed a yellow shirt to comply with this job’s ‘pakulo’. We went to SM Mall of Asia the other day but he didn’t see any shirt that’s interesting to him. The next day, he told me he wanted to check out Greenhills. So off we went. After attending the Sunday mass, we got a cab and headed to Greenhills. It was raining really hard and it was already lunch time. But we’re not hungry yet. Husband wanted just a merienda but I wanted rice! Haha! KFC, Kenny Rogers, Ling Nam, Racks were among our choices. But we ended up in Casa Reyes which serves chicken and post BBQs.
The place was jam-packed since it’s already lunch time. There were only 2 waiters and 1 waitress who is also the cashier. Surprisingly, they were able to serve us well, as in really well. It’s funny because we didn’t order chicken and pork BBQ. We had crispy dinuguan and pork binagoongan rice topping meals. They were only Php89 each + Php10 for iced tea. But we got shocked when the food reached our table. Its was like food for the cat. That small the serving is. Haha! That is why its really cheap.
Verdict? The food is great. Though small serving, we got so busog! Here they are:
After this tasty meals, we prepared ourselves in a much anticipated long walk on the famous Greenhills tyangge. Haha! After 10 rounds, back and forth, left right, right left turns (yes, I counted it!) husband settled for one yellow shirt. Sad that I didn’t take a picture of it. Its a nice shirt and cost us only Php 800. Original price is Php 900, thanks to my haggling abilities. Hehe.
While waiting for the rain to stop, we went to Happy Lemon and decided that we try it out. It’s already famous but we haven’t really tried it because every time I attempt to go in their Eastwood branch, the queue is sooo long, so long enough to take away my desire to try it. This Greenhills branch is also jam-packed and the line is already outside the store. Gosh! The husband got a table already for himself so its okay for him to wait. So I lined up and ordered their most famous Cocoa and Rock Salt Cheese. It costs only Php 100 each.
We were really amazed! It was reaaaaalllly goooooood!!! My husband will agree, I know. Now, while writing this, I want some Happy Lemon!


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