Monday, October 03, 2011

2 It’s The Future Lawyer’s Birthday!

As with the title of this post, yes, future lawyer. My brother in-law. It’s his birthday on Oct 3 and we decided to take him out for a little dinner. We ended up in Eastwood (I think, this place is our favorite already). Its already past mid-night and most of the restaurants are already closed. The only that’s still open are those bars with beer-drinking people. We had burgers at Stackers! The food was great. Laughers and full of fun. I must say, I also enjoy the company of my brother in-law. He’s not that outgoing type of person but I can say, he’s really adventurous in terms of food tasking. Haha! You’ll see what I mean on the pictures below!
Next year, you will be a full-pledged lawyer. We wish nothing but the best. We love you! Happy birthday bro!


Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Started blog-hoppin, started with your blog! I'm glad that you are well and cancer is ruled out! All praises to God! I however missed my brother with this post! More blessing!

Nessie said...

Nice meeting you, Joy. Thank you for the comments. Yeah, honestly, that event in my life made my faith stronger.. I'm d only child of my parents that's why I spoil my brother in law. See how big he is? haha.

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