Thursday, April 21, 2011

0 Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

My husband has been telling me that he wanna go back to a restaurant in Greenhills where chicken is so good. I was thinking, maybe it was just an ordinary place. So, I really didn’t pay attention. When we were in Megamall, we saw the place he was telling me. It’s the peri-peri chicken. I cannot remember totally how their chicken tastes and why my husband want it so bad. So, since I love chicken, we decided to have our dinner here.
The place is nice. They got these yellow lanterns that made it a happy-looking place. It has a very light ambiance too. I got excited. I don’t know why but the very easy and light feeling made me feel excited to the chicken that we will be ordering. I can sense that my husband was happy too that he got to go back to this restaurant.
We ordered chicken quesadilla with fries as the starter. It was good. Not a typical quesadilla that you know because this one has veggies in it and when you bite it, the moisture of the chicken will eventually come out. =)
For the main course, I orderd the 1/4 chicken with carbonara pasta. I got the hot and spicy chicken. I soo love it! Carbonara was good but it was just too heavy for me. But my chicken? Simot-sarap! As in sarap to the bones!
Here’s comes the order of the husband. He ordered the java rice and 1/2 chicken with original spices. OMG! When his food came to our table, we were both speechless and we just laughed so hard because, the java rice was so big that I think, 3 people can share to it. The chicken is triple extra large! Haha!
We were really happy with the food. Oh, I forgot, they also have the bottomless soup and drinks for only Php49.00. You get to enjoy all their drinks and all kind of soup for the day. When we were there, there were 4 kinds of soups. It was so hard to decide but I tasted all of them. Haha!
Place: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Money: 8/10
I bet my husband will ask me that we eat here again. And I won’t say no. =)


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