Wednesday, December 14, 2011

0 Meet My New Friends

I am a Mama Mary believer. I belong to a few Marian organizations in our community. I didn't know anything about Sto.Nino before. All I know is that he's the baby Jesus. That's it. But when I moved to Cebu 2yrs ago, I was able to get to know him. Staying there with my husband alone and all our relatives and friends are in Manila, we have to hold on to each other to get through our ups and downs. One of those instances that we're so down and don't know where to run and what to do anymore, we attended the Sinulog Festival for the 1st time. We saw how the Cebuanos love Sto.Nino. After that, we started to hear mass in Sto.Nino's church. And from then on, he became our companion in Cebu. When my husband got sick, had a surgery in Chong Hua Hospital, Sto.Nino became my best friend. I prayed to him to help my husband and help us get through this. It was only 3 of us then, me, my husband and Sto.Nino. After the surgery, the Doctor said, my husband is cancer-free. We we're so happy. I know, it was Sto.Nino who helped us and he never left us... 

When my husband left for Manila and I was left alone in Cebu, a small replica of Sto.Nino de Cebu (which was given to me by my mother-in-law) kept me company. If it wouldn't because of Sto.Nino, I think, I'll be baliw now. I was so scared to be alone. Aside from I have to sell all our things and move to a smaller apartment, living alone and have to stay with the Company who just hired me 2 months ago. It was Sto.Nino who kept me sane and brave. When its time for me to go move back to Manila, I brought him with me, carrying him in my arms in the plane. People were looking at me and I didn't care! 

Meet my Sto.Nino de Cebu
After 4 months here in Manila, another Sto.Nino came into our lives again. It's Sto.Nino de Providencia. Together with Sto.Nino de Cebu, they helped us to get through on my breast surgery and saved me from cancer. Our godmother told us that she prayed for me every hrs for 9hrs - saying the novena of Sto.Nino de Providencia. She told us that when you were able to do this and complete the novena for 9hrs, your wish will be granted. So she prayed for me and her prayers were answered. I am cancer-free! 

She introduced us to her and to be able to give respect and thanks, I asked her to bring us to the real Sto. Nino de Providencia. She gladly did! The place is in BF Resort Las Pinas. There's a small chapel, very quiet and solemn.. To give you a little story about Sto.Nino de Providencia, this is the miraculous oil. I'm sure you've heard this already. It was 1992 when oil started to come out of the image and its still doing this until now. I saw it with 2 eyes! The oil smells really good. Here's the complete story about Sto.Nino de Providencia. 

Here's some pictures taken when we visited her in the chapel... 

I can say, I am a devotee now. But I am still a Marian.. 


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