Wednesday, December 14, 2011

0 What My Mom Wants, My Mom Gets!

Well, not to sound as if I have a brat Mom.. She told me she wants a new phone as a Christmas gift from me. Uhm.. I realized, she has been using her Sony Ericsson phone for the past 5 or 6yrs already. I can't remember its model name anymore, I think its also obsolete. Lol

So, I thought about it and while checking online for cellphone units, the Samsung Galaxy Y caught my attention. Looks nice and affordable. And at least, my Mom can occasionally try to use wi-fi and Facebook. She always asks me to let her see my cousins' pictures posted in Facebook when she misses them.

So, there. I plan to get 2 of these. One each for my parents. My only worries right now is will they be okay with touch screen phones?? Hmmm.. I'll think about this on the next days. Anyway, I am still waiting for my 13th month pay. Yeah, yeah, I know. Too late, right?? Ah, what the heck, as long as my Employer will give it to us at least before Christmas, I'm totally fine with it.


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