Monday, January 23, 2012

1 Bellini's : In Cubao Expo

We don't usually celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. We have no single drop of Chinese blood so this not on our vocabulary. Last night, my husband told me that there's a fireworks display in Cubao area in celebration of this. Since we usually go out to dine, aside from this is the most accessible place for us, just one ride in LRT, we went ahead after attending mass. 

Cubao was super jam-packed. We're supposed to have dinner at Hap Chan but there also a lot of customers waiting to be seated. We walked around and landed in Cubao Expo. I've been interested in this place. You know, I grew up to be a Cubao kid. Cubao - SM, Ali Mall and COD are my playground when I was a kid. This is the only shopping place I knew before. lol! We walked around the Cubao Expo and found some really interesting places to eat. There, I also saw the vntage Valentino shoes brand which is from Marikina. Oh, while walking around this place, I felt like it was 20yrs ago.. 

We decided to have dinner at Bellini's. An Italian restaurant opened on July 1999. Quite an establishment already here but its our first time to visit last night. This is the best kept secret of Cubao Expo, they say. I was so amazed with this place. Really, really, super amazed. The place really looks good. It feels like you are are in the ancient time in an Italian restaurant. Painted walls and ceilings, all showcasing Italian places and scenes. And hey, their waiters are also Italian-speaking. Beat that! Our waiter recommended their Aglio Olio e Peperoncino. This is not actually part of the menu but since I had a hard time deciding what to order, he recommended this instead. So I ordered for this which didn't disappoint me. I love it! 

Spaghetti  with typical garlic with olive oil with the tradition of Peperoncino chili
Blue Marlin Alla Griglia - Grilled fish with butter sauce
Ai Frutti de Mare
Rigatoni Cocinghiale Penne Selvaggi - Really good sauce.
This is also not part of the menu
You can also buy cheese from them!
This place and food is awesome! A bit pricey but its all worth of your every penny. After we finished our food, we were served with their complimentary shot of red wine which was personally made by the owner - Mr. Bellini himself, tastes like sweet grape juice with a bit of alcohol. 
Bellini's is located in Cubao Expo (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo). Go and try this awesome place! =)


Tetcha said...

My family loves pizza and pasta, too! I hope they have a branch in Ortigas so we can try their delicious foods. Visiting back from Delight My Appetite!

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