Monday, January 23, 2012

0 Work-Life Balance

When I was still working with Dell, this is one of the culture they taught us. Learn to balance your work and your life. Work is important because it give you the means to enjoy your life. You don't need your work if you don't have your life. Get it? 

Recently I saw a post in Facebook with the Coca-Cola's CEO speech. Its 30-seconds only! But the message is crystal clear. 
This made me think again. Making me remember that it is not always about my job or my work. Yeah, I enjoy and I love my job and tend to spend 12hrs everyday in the office but I can't remember the last time I had a good talk with my family, can't even remember the last time we attend mass together.. Sad.. 

I remember, one of my mentors told me once before, work smarter, not harder! Staying in the office, working for 12hrs everyday doesn't make you the perfect employee. Manage your time properly and spend equally quality time with those people who are the reason why you are working hard. 

Wake up, Ness... 


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