Friday, January 06, 2012

0 Jan. 05, 2012 : National Whipped Cream Day

Really? I didn't know there is such thing as National Whipped Cream Day. Haha. Well, today is the allegedly the National Whipped Cream Day according to here: 

I am not that familiar with whipped cream. My mom only uses Nestle all purpose cream everytime she makes my favorite buko salad. Hehe. And then, when I got married and being on a work-from-home setup, I get to stay at home the whole day working online and thinking what to prepare for my husband. Since we still live in a small apartment and we can't afford to buy a La Germania, I searched for no-bake goodies online. I found the toblerone ice cream cake. Find it really interesting because we both love toblerone and it seems to be really easy to make. One thing I needed was an electric mixer. So we got one, Kyowa for Php595 only. This is the cheapest we found at SM. lol

Ingredients are eggs, powdered sugar, toblerone and what else, whipped cream!! 

I planned to make this for our noche buena. It was really easy and sooo delicious. I must say, it was a success. I was able to finish it in 45mins. It should've been 30mins only but since its my first time, I was really careful on the ingredients. After making it, I have to freeze it for at least 6hrs. 

I wasn't able to take a picture of it. But here what it looks like. Photo credits to Stone Soup. Thanks!

Today that its National Whipped Cream Day, am gonna celebrate this day by making another again. This time, as a gift to a friend

You, how will you celebrate the National Whipped Cream Day? 


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