Wednesday, January 04, 2012

1 My 2011 habit

I was actually browsing on the pictures in my phone and found several photos of my nails. I realize, I acquired the habit of getting nail arts. I think, this started when I was still in Cebu. Since living alone can be boring, I tend to stay in the salon whenever its our payday. Foot spa, pedicure, manicure, foot and hand massage, brow shaping, name it. It was my reward to myself for keeping it up, alone. lol

Here are the pictures:

Not bad for a start noh? But since I'm already working from home and doing all the household chores, sometimes, naiisip ko sayang ang manicure. So, lately, boring ang hands ko.. Sana I can still continue this as this relaxes me, pampering myself.


chrisair said...

I don't mind if masira ang nails ko dahil sa chores mura lang naman ang nail polish basta DIY

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