Tuesday, January 31, 2012

0 Oily = Ugly

Oiliness is next to ugliness (they say). Not sure why I am blogging this. I just remembered a friend of mine. She'll be here next week for a vacation and I will be her official tour guide. She has been in Canada for 12yrs straight and she's afraid, she might get lost in Manila. I'm excited too! It's been a while that I went out with a friend without thinking that there will be "issues" after. 

She's a college friend. We went to the same university but she graduated with a different degree. We used to go out, gimik together and shop together. When we graduated, she had to fulfill her daughter duties to her family staying in Canada. She got married with a Filipino-Canadian man and eventually lost contact with her... 

5 years ago, I found her in Facebook. I was soo happy. Not sure if she would still recognize me, I added her and soon enough, she accepted, got my number. In less than a day, she was calling my mobile phone already. 

Next week, we will see each other again after 12yrs. I am not sure how she looks like now. But on her Facebook photos, she seemed to be prettier than before. I can barely notice the oiliness of her face.. I remember our classmates teasing her because of her oily face. Because of this, she had several pimples. She always cry about this... I helped her find the best face powder for her face, we got ourselves on facial treatments together and tried those oil-removing films in malls. But none of these worked! I thought she had an oil mine in her glands. I can't help but smile thinking about how she looks like while I was laughing at her. Of course she just stares at me and roll her eyes away from me. Being her closest friend that time, she didn't mind. 

I'll have to wait next week to see her face again. LOL She told me she had a treatment in Canada which helped her "fix" her face. Hahaha! 

Looking back, we still managed to be friends even without communication for 12yrs. And in a snap, we were talking and laughing again as if we didn't lose connection. Everytime we talk over the phone, we usually discuss about our flaws. I realized, this person is a true friend.. I'm excited for next week. I know it's going to be a blast. Not to mention my pasalubong from her. Haha! The jokes, laughters, giggles and never ending story telling sessions. One thing for sure, she got a beautiful heart..



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