Monday, February 20, 2012

2 The Cebu Cathedral Museum

When me and my Grumpy was in Cebu last week, we had the chance to visit this place. Eventhough I stayed in Cebu for almost 3 yrs, I was not able to get inside of the museum. We we're welcomed by a friendly guard and accompanied us to the reception area where we pay the entrance fee, Php50 for each person. There were a group of students who's doing their educational trip that time, so the place is kinda crowded. 

I must say this place is well-loved. While undergoing renovation, you can feel the solemnity and there was a breath of fresh air inside even it its old already. Its just a little heavy and sad for us because according to the receptionist, they have been gathering funds for the renovation for almost 3yrs now. 

Since 1800, this has survived earthquakes, typhoons, wars and all other elements, the museum building is the rectory of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. This now serves as ecclesiastical museum showcasing regional church facade and artifacts.

First stop is the Carmen Collection in their small-restored chapel. 

The Altar. See the image in the middle?

And here's on the second floor collection: 

The Humble Beginnings:
Hand-writter letters of Mother Teresa, Mama Mary Stampitas & Letters of St. Peter

The Road To Cebu
A Cardinal For Cebu
Some of Cardinal Vidal's collections

The Gathering of The Saints

And when we we're about to leave, we checked what's in the back door and we saw the car that Pope John Paul II used when he was in Cebu. 

The museum is very organized. Each piece of artifact is carefully displayed with captions about them for the visitors to read and learn. 

We also found out that this place has its courtyard which is big enough for functions like birthdays, wedding receptions and other parties. And they accept these type of happenings in the museum. I think, this will be very nice for our lolo and lola's golden wedding anniversary even our parent's wedding anniversary.

If you will have the time to visit Cebu, I recommend, you include this place in your itenerary. And if you some money to spare, please do not hesitate to donate them and it will a great help for the restoration of the building. 


Photo Credit: Suroy Sa Sugo

The Cebu Cathedral Museum
Address: Manalili corner P. Gomez St., Cebu City Philippines
Contact #: 032 412 3455

How to get there: 
By cab: All cab drivers knows this place.
By public jeepneys: Those with 21A or 21D
From Basilica del Sto.Nino: Just 5mins walk

Entrance fee: Php50


Thess Enriquez said...

Just in time, the whole family is bound to Cebu this March. Another destination to stop by! Thanks!

Chic Sassy Mom said...

I went to Cebu just a couple of times, but I didn't really see a lot of spots, I'll keep this in mind. :)

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