Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Dinner at Ristorante Bigoli

February 26, 2012 - Dinner Time. After hearing mass in St. Pio's chapel in Eastwood, me and my Grumpy went on to have dinner before we head home. Since we are on a tight budget already, I remember my friend told me about this place - yummy and affordable. Hmm.. My Grumpy was a bit hesitant at first.. 

I remember this was Fazoli's before. Not sure when this was changed to Bigoli though. We entered the place and it seems quite busy. There was a party going on, on their second floor so it was a bit noisy too. But there we're only few people in the counter ordering for their food. The place is well lighted. I like it. It didn't hurt my eyes. Eventhough it was our first time here, we didn't have a hard time choosing our food. Just by looking at the pictures and some descriptions while the cashier patiently waited for us while smiling, we got our food.

Here's what we got: 

Their free garlic bread while waiting for our food. 
The garlic bread is awesome!! It is the same garlic bread I remember when it was still Fazoli's. And these are unlimited, bottomless garlic bread. Haha! 

Pork Picatta w/ Spaghetti Marinara Php 150.00
The pork picatta is great. My Grumpy loves it. The pork is filled with ham and cheese inside and is crunchy outside. Its good because the cheese didn't overpower the overall taste of the pork. The marinara sauce is good too! 

Bistecca Classic w/ choice of Italian Rice or Mashed Potato Php 289.00
Bistecca Classic was heaven for me. They got my taste of well-done steak. The flavor is just right. They put a great twist of their premium beef, juicy and served with mixed vegetables. For the first time, I ate the veggies in my plate. Before, I usually set them aside. But this time, they smells so good. Smell like butter. So I tasted a piece of carrot, and surprisingly, I love it. I love that they put enough butter for the veggies so it won't taste like raw. And the Italian rice was a surprise. It has a distinct taste. At first, I thought I will not like it. But on my second and third spoon, I'm starting to appreciate its taste. Its really wonderful! 

A slice of All Meat Pizza Php 80
Yes, you can order for a slice of pizza. But this one was a fail. It was over-cooked. See in the photo, the ground beef (colored dark). The crust is not good, too. But still, I like its taste. 

++ Bottomless soda Php 60
++ Bottled water Php 25
Total: Php 604.00

My Own Rating: 
Food: 4 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Ambiance : 4.5 out 5
Money: 5 out 5

This place made it to our list. I'm inlove with the Bistecca Classic and this time, I will visit their branch in TriNoma next time. 

Ristorante Bigoli
Location: Ciitywalk, Eastwood, QC Philippines
Facebook Page: Here
Twitter: Here



Sumi Go said...

Bigoli has been my go-to restaurant whenever bf and I are on a budget.. :) I think it was mid-2011 when Fazoli's in Eastwood was turned to Bigoli. Same food, same concept but different name and new management.. :) I also like that it's well-lit compared to the gloomy space of Fazoli's.. ^^

Ness said...

Hello Sumi! oo nga e, sayang ngayon ko lng pinansin ung kwento ng friend ko skin. hehe. Considering na, i'm in Eastwood almost every week, now ko lng na try tong place na to. Sarap dito!

Chilipina said...

Bottomless garlic bread!!! <3

Kapag payday dito kami kumakain ng team ko. Hahaha!
Serving is hefty at masarap talaga siya. :)

Ness said...

Really? sa Eastwood ka ba work?

i♥pinkc00kies said...

I liked their pesto pasta! :D the puttanesca was good but there's something lacking e. Too bad there is no branch near our place.

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