Tuesday, February 28, 2012

4 Sebastian's Ice Cream

In times like this that you wouldn't want to go out because of the scorching heat brought by the summer season, I imagine myself getting a scoop of my favorite ice cream.

L: Chocoholics Anonymous R: Up All Night

Chocoholics Anonymous is one of their best sellers. Rich chocolate ice cream with a thick fudge with dark chocolate chunks. 

Up All Night. This one's my favorite. I love coffee-flavored ice cream. This one's has espresso fudge swirl and coffee-chocolate chunks. 

I soooper love these!! Just praises!!

Sebastian Ice Cream Studio
Location: 3F SM The Block (near cinema ticket booth) North Edsa, QC Philippines



athena said...

omggggg!!! nakakalaway ang Up All Night. Mabuti nalang I had a fix of dessert yesterday, kung hindi, nah, ewan. Haha. Laway na talaga. Pero yesterday is different from TODAY. :)) Sana I could eat ice cream for breakfast nalang

i♥pinkc00kies said...

inggit ako!! i wanna try that coffee ice cream!

Ness said...

Gow!!! I sooper love the coffee ice cream!

mas10ph said...

I love Sebastian's! It's my feel good food. :) Too bad the Trinoma branch closed. Ganda ng location dun eh.

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