Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 In Love With Fireworks

Fireworks can be annoying for some. But for me and Francis, it relaxes us. I mean, watching fireworks together, looking at the sky together, this is one of our favorite bonding moments. I remember the first ever pyro-olympics years ago, we didn’t hesitate to go and see it. Also, we are literally in SM Mall of Asia every Saturday just to watch the free fireworks given by the mall. It’s like us, going to church and every Sunday, but this is our Saturday routine.  Last Saturday, we decided to go and see the pyro-olympics again with matching dinner buffet with one of the prestige restaurants which offers a very good spot in watching it. It was UK and Spain competing and they we’re both awesome.

Me and Francis enjoyed watching this. Watching together - holding hands while looking at the sky, it feels like we are giving our problems, doubts and worries in life and all other negative thoughts on us away, wishing that they will be all gone along with the fireworks.  Above anything else, I just realized, we just love to look at the sky together, either day or night.  Usually after watching fireworks displays like this, we always have the feeling of contentment and happiness together. Haha!

Even without the pyro-olympics or any just fireworks displays, simple way to bond with your loved ones.




athena said...

beautifully captured photos :>

Ness said...

Thanks Athena. These were taken using my Blackberry phone. Hehehe
Thanks for dropping by! mmwah!

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