Tuesday, November 09, 2010

0 My Toblerone Surprise!

I was surprised when I saw my name on the winners list of 13 Ways of Saying Thank You blog contest. Here’s my entry. Please, feel free to leave a comment. tee hee!
I am so happy. I had a very loong day in the office because of those unreasonable deliverables. LOL! When I was never expecting anything. I never told anyone about my blog. Friends, officemates, relatives, even my Husband don’t know that I have an account in WordPress. This account is kinda my own (you know what I mean..) Anyway, I opened my Twitter and the rest is total happiness for me.

My love for Toblerone made me decide to join this blog contest. I honestly appreciate chocolates more when they were given to me. Regardless if from a friend, family or somebody else. I am excited for my prize. 1 box of Toblerone!! Woo hoo!

Thank you for the blessings. God never fails to surprise His children..


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