Sunday, December 19, 2010

0 My 1st Charity Event

Saturday morning, I woke up early because our company planned to do a charity work. They requested for cash and in-kinds donations since last month. I was so excited. Immediately after I learned about this, I started re-organizing my things and tried to look for my old clothes that I don’t use anymore. Luckily, I was able to collect at least 20 pcs of clothes. I brought them to the office and put them on our giant box of kindness beside our Christmas tree. I felt good.
Then the day I have been waiting for has arrived. We will be going to give our donations personally. Call time in the office is 830am. I woke up around 730am. I hurriedly prepare and went off to our office. The lobby was full of gifts already. Used clothes and groceries. One by one my officemates arrived. Then off we went to the place – Pasil, Cebu – MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY.
The place going there is a chaos. There were a lot of street vendors occupying the road already that our van had a hard time. But we managed to get in. Immediately when we entered the gate, there says: PICTURE TAKING IS NOT ALLOWED. The place is being run and managed by nuns. Missionaries of Charity is a small orphanage which houses sick children who were either abandoned or were personally taken there by their parents.
We were welcomed by an Indian nun. She was so excited to see us. “Very adorable kind-hearted lady” I said to myself. She accompanied us to the 2nd floor. There where the children is. We were asked to leave our shoes and slippers before going up. I suddenly felt nervous. I got scared. I got goose bumps all over. I don’t know why.. Maybe it’s the feeling of I will finally see these children who are not living with their parents..
On the 2nd floor, there were 2 rooms and a huge living room which they use to play. 1st room is for the babies. Infants. New born babies. My girl collegues immediate entered the room and started feeding the babies. Arrozcaldo was prepared for their breakfast. Me? I was just standing. Looking at them. After a few minutes, I then realized that I am only standing in front of them, looking at them. I am not sure why my feet won’t take the steps towards the babies and feed them just like what they are doing.
I felt tears running down my face. Looking at the babies made me cry. I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt the tears. My heart broke. I wanted to go near them and play with them. But my feet won’t let me. As I’m telling myself to step towards them, tears didn’t stop. I went out of the room. I felt a sudden cold air in my face.. I saw sunlight from the window. Tears already stopped. Then I realized how lucky I am..
Then I followed my guys in the 2nd room. There where the toddlers are. 3yrs old and above. A lot different from the 1st room. The children were all sitted in a long plastic table, they have their own food (fried chicken!) and they are eating by themselves. I smiled when I saw one of my guy colleague talking to a boy. But the boy was not responding. He was just smiling at him. This room has more clear and happy ambiance. Ketchup all over their face. A happy room indeed.
A boy approached me and hug my leg. We were all laughing. I had difficulties talking to them since I cannot speak in Visaya and they cannot understand Tagalog. But it was fun. When the nun asked the boy to let go of my leg, he cried. He cried as if he doesn’t want to let go of me anymore. No matter what they do, he wouldn’t let go. And I felt tears again in my face.. I am crying again.
I carried the boy. Hugged and kissed him. He hugged me back. I felt it. It was heart-breaking but a happy moment. He stopped crying but I did not. I carried him for about 10mins and he didn’t let go of hugging me for that 10mins. A heart-warming feeling. I felt that he really long for somebody who can be with him all the time. He’s longing for his mom..
After a few minutes more, he looked at me. He stared at me. He kissed me in the chin and smiled at me. I smiled back. I then carried him back to his fried chicken and he started munching on it again. As if nothing happened.. I went out of the room because I cannot hold my tears anymore. I cried again..
This experience will definitely stay in my heart for as long as I live. I have been to many charitable institutions in Manila but those were mostly for elderly. This is my 1st time on an orphanage. Those children will grow up. Some of them will be thankful that there are many people who are willing to help them, some of them will have bitterness in their heart.. I pray that they can open up their hearts to forgive and be thankful for what they have. I pray that these type of institutions will never stop helping..
I learned how lucky I am. I have my mom and dad. My friends.. With this experience. I am now more thankful.. What a great way to start my christmas..
Here are some of our pics. Enjoy!


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