Friday, December 17, 2010

0 My Magic 8 Ball

When 1st time I heard about magic 8 ball (was yrs ago), I didn’t care. I thought it was just a toy ball for kids which bounce like a normal basketball ball. LOL

My husband has been convincing me to buy one. But I didn’t like. It costs Php700-800! “Not worth it!”, I said. So he got one for me. Then, when I started using it, I find it quite amazing. Now, I have been using this for sometime now and I can say, I am starting to believe in its answers to my questions.
Questions on my decisions, on what’s gonna happen tomorrow, etc. Those are my questions. And everytime it gives me an answer, I kinda believe in it. I can say, its bad. Sometimes, my day depends on the answer that it will give me.. Oh well..
Now, I love my magic 8 ball. But I want a new one. The colorful one. I’ve checked the net and found some good ones. They have pink, yellow, red, all colors. Some have designs of a cartoon characters.
I found this one and I love it! I will be scouting for this one and make sure I will get one for myself. I plan to give a magic 8 ball also to my friends.. It’s really nice. I remember when I was alone, I was kinda talking to it, asking questions and it’s responding to me answering my questions. But, you will find it boring when you get to see the same answers over and over again.. But mine, I love it that it became my constant companion.


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