Wednesday, July 27, 2011

0 The Starbucks Ice Cream

Ever since I moved back here in Manila, I stopped going to Starbucks daily. Simply because, its not like Cebu that Starbucks is just 10-15mins away for a Php50-60 cab fare. Here, yeah, its also 10-15mins away from our house (should be) but because of traffic, it’ll become 30mins to 1hr for Php100-150 cab fare. Not practical, right? Well, aside from I think, I lost my cravings now with their coffee. This is also one of the perks of working from home. The feeling is not actually working and the urge on carrying the prestigious Starbucks cup is gone.
I remember, when I told my husband that I wanna go to Starbucks, I didn’t actually want to have coffee. He brought me to one of their stores. There, I didn’t order anything. Even he’s pushing me to get a coffee, I didn’t. I wanna go there to just check the place. I wanna check if there’s a difference in their stores in Manila and Cebu.. LoL I’ll write about my observations about this topic next time.
But, last week, I’ve been to Starbucks I think twice. I was there, not to have coffee but to get their ice cream!! Yes, ice cream. This is not actually in any of their stores yet, not even a single barista talked about it. I discovered it, when I saw a barista holding a cup with ice cream. I asked him if its an ice cream and he said it’s a Starbucks ice cream but its not for sale. Hmm.. I asked him if he can sell it to me so I can taste it. He refused but he referred me to his manager. After 10mins of utilizing my convincing powers, the manager gave in. She gave me the pint of ice cream, free! I was so happy. When I got home, OMG! It is heavenly delicious. I got the coffee flavor. Husband also loved it. When we opened it, we finished it also right where we started it. LoL
Then, I went there again hoping to see the manager and I will ask her again for the ice cream. I am willing to pay!! After sometime of looking around, I finally spotted her in the store. I waved at her and she approached me. I told her that the ice cream is soo delicious and I came back to ask if she can sell one for me. She told me that its not for sale. She told me that she can give me another pint and but would be the last. I was soo happy! I told her, I am willing to pay, but she refused. So, I got my second pint. I got the java chip frappuccino flavor.
Thank you to the manager who gave me the 2 pints of ice cream. I soo love you!! I will definitely get more of these once available here. First in line will be their strawberries and cream ice cream. Ciao!


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