Friday, September 02, 2011

0 Dealing with a Grumpy Husband

Well, this is not new to me. I have a not-so sociable husband. He likes to stay at home, quiet places, etc. Yesterday, he came home from work and he’s very pissed off. It’s not his usual time of going home, he’s actually 2hrs late. I didn’t notice at first since I was asleep when he kissed me. I asked him, why he’s late. He immediately responded “Lots of work. Work that no one wants to do!” Hmmm.. I know right from there, that he’s tired. Well, its not the first time he told me he’s not happy with his job anymore. And that it’s really hard for him. I know, he doesn’t have a choice. He has to stay with his job because of the high pay. And we needed that for our expenses and payables. I asked him, if he wants breakfast and he said no. He immediately went up the bed, beside me, I heard his snore in no time.
I thought of cooking something for him. Something he like. Something he always request me to cook for him. I checked my stocks and luckily, got all the ingredients. 430 in the afternoon, I started preparing. He sets his alarm at 530 and he’ll be up by 545, then eat at 6pm. So, the food should be ready in the table by 6pm.
Here you go. This is one his favorites from the pasta I have been preparing for him. When he saw this in the table with iced-cold coke, he said, “thank you” and followed by a mona lisa smile. That’s enough for me. I know my husband is working hard to provide me everything I need and I want. And I love him..


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