Monday, September 19, 2011

0 Starbucks Cake Pops

I stayed in Cebu for 2yrs and never saw one in any Starbucks there. When I got back, when me and my husband were in SM Manila, I saw these. Got me excited. But we didn’t bother to buy since I was too busy, dying to buy their ice cream. But when I got back after a week, I saw some students have these in their tables with their coffee. So, I went inside the store and got myself these tiny cutie cakes.
The cake pops come in three flavors, Birthday Cake, Rocky Road, and Tiramisu. They are 200 calories each.. hmmm..
If you want to try one I would recommend Birthday Cake! It tastes similar to confetti cake, which is by far my favorite type of cake! Rocky Road tastes just like plain chocolate cake (disappointed). Tiramisu tastes like vanilla bean and not much else.
I was expecting the cake to be more like actual cake? I know that doesn’t make much sense, but the cake inside these were very moist! I’m not complaining, but it didn’t really have a cake texture, almost like a mushy pastry texture. Hard to explain!
Lastly I would have liked to see them clean off the sticks from the excess coating. This would have given them a more professional look. The whole thing looks messy and rushed.


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