Monday, September 26, 2011

0 The Joy of Meeting Old Friends

When I decided to leave my previous employer around 3yrs ago, I never lost my contacts with the people I got friends with in that company. Though it was only barely 5months of stay, I can say that the there was a friendship established. A lot of people in that company hated me because of me being strict on all the policies, company policies. But I can say also that there were also people who understood me and know where I am coming from. Since then, we kept our communications open. Text messages, Facebook, Twitter, name it. The other day, we decided to finally meet up. Being me working at home made it a lot easier for us to agree on time. Despite of the rains, I hailed a cab and headed to our meeting place. The place brought a lot of memories to me. I waited for them without noticing the time. I had coffee and enjoy the ambiance of the place.
After an hour or two, they came. Talked a lot of old memories, catching up on each other lives. Stories full of laughters. Full of excitement on hearing each other stories. Initially, we plan to have dinner then coffee. But it was too late already that most of the restaurants are already closed. We decided to check out Greenbelt. As usual, most restaurants have no lights and there were only very few bars that are still open. Our feet took us to another coffee shop. Lol! We ordered food and got ourselves a table and continue with our never ending story-telling sessions.
It was a great night with Ai and Charm. Thanks girls. Sa uulitin. Hugs! It was wonderful to see both of you who had been such good friends to me and I feel sadness that I had lost touch with you for so long.


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