Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 Let’s Talk About Convenience

This past few days, I’ve been very lazy cooking. Unlike before, everyday, I prepare lunch and dinner for my husband. Not sure, but maybe because of the weather. And also some ‘gipit’ moments that we opted to just buy our favorite tapsilog meal which usually costs us Php100 for the two of us already. This time, even if we still have ‘little’ budget left to do ‘little’ groceries, we just too lazy to go out. Lol! So the money went to the most convenient way to fill our tummies. Online delivery!
Well, this maybe very familiar to most people nowadays. I have been using their online services for a long time now. I’m very used to this that the store that usually delivers my order just sends me a text message to confirm my order. I remember when my internet was down, I just texted the Manager, told her I got no net and gave her my orders. Whoa! In 30mins, my food is right on my door step! This is how good their service is. Although, there are also times that they get me pissed because of delays.. This one is really on top of my list because they don’t have a minimum cost for orders and they only charge Php40 for the delivery charge – regardless if you just ordered an extra rice. Lol! Oh, you can also personalize your avatar in their website. I haven’t done, I’m so lazy to do it. Once you got to login, you don’t need to enter your name and address anymore. That’s really nice for me.
Of course, who wouldn’t want Jollibee? Their online delivery came a little late compared to the first on my list. And I learned about this by accident. I was in Cebu then, browsing for food to eat. I tried checking their website and then luckily, it brought me to their online delivery. Quite amazed, I tried it. This one, they have a minimum order of Php200 plus 10% delivery charge. So, I really have to plan the food I’m ordering. My first experience was doomed. The food came in an hour and 30mins – not to mention the first 30mins waiting for their phone call confirmation for my order. So that made it merely 2hrs. But it kept on improving as time goes on, in fairness. This one also will allow you to create your profile so you won’t be entering your information over and over again. When you feel like ordering again the next day, just login using the email address you registered with it and your password and whola! it will have your complete information already.
Third on my list is just really, really fresh to me. This one, I just found out last week. Just like the second on my list, I was just browsing around and suddenly felt hungry. Haha! I saw this online delivery and surprised that it look very much just like the others. Complete with its menu, prices, etc. My husband checked it also to be sure. He was convinced and so, we tried it. We had two orders of two-piece chicken meal, extra rice and extra large gravy. 5mins after I submitted my orders, I got a phone call, confirming my orders. And at exactly 30mins (just like they promised on the phone call) the delivery guy is knocking at my door already. I was happy. Not to mention my special orders, two thigh parts for the hot and crispy chicken, a wing and a breast part for the original chicken. I got all of ‘em!! I am convinced that KFC delivery is already working. But I still have some reservations that maybe because I got the chicken parts I requested is because there still few people knew about their online delivery. Haha! Same as Jollibee, minimum order is Php200 + 10% delivery charge. Unlike Mcdo and Jollibee, KFC didn’t have the option for their users to create their profile. Sorry to say, but you have to input your information everytime you make an order.
This one, I just tried today. I discovered this same time when I saw KFC delivery online. But I have to choose which one to try out first. I am not really sure on Wendy’s delivery, since most of what in their menu are sandwhiches, not sure if they will still be fresh when it reached my door steps. But today, typhoon Pedring is really scary. Heavy rains, thunders, lightnings, strong winds, floods, name it. So, it is better to just stay inside the house. So, lazy me, I tried this one. Yes, just today. This one’s a bit different. Minimum order is Php150, the prices on the menu already includes the tax and there is no automatic calculator that gives you the total amount of what you ordered. I have to do sum it all up, manually! Tsk! I ordered bacon mushroom melt burger and their big macaroni salad. Same as the others, once you hit submit, you can expect a call from their customer service confirming your order. The usual 30mins promise was actually fulfilled by their delivery guy. The burger is still warm and the macaroni salad is as delicious as usual. By the way, this one does not require their users to have a profile setup. One thumb’s down for this is you have to enter your complete information again and again everytime you make an order.
Okay, so far these are just my experiences. I have also compared their website looks and loading time, but I won’t be including them here anymore. Its time for you to find out. =)


Joanna said...

This made me very nostalgic! And hungry. lol

We don't have Jollibee here in the Netherlands (unlike in the USA, as I have been told by my brother, who went there last year) or Wendy's unlike in UAE, where I used to work).

Although there is McDonalds (where ever not?!:)) and KFC, it's simply different taste they cater to. Also they do not have all the same product for countries all over the world. Are they still selling pancakes at McDo for breakfast, btw?

I left the Philippines in the early 90's so I am sure a LOT has changed.

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