Monday, October 03, 2011

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This past few weeks, my husband is feeling down about his job and decided that we go out. Almost 5yrs that we’re together and a year of being married. 5 years since our first date and tough times and yet it still feels like we are the cute 17 & 18 years olds we were when we met.
I’m sure we are the most boring couple on the planet. Our typical ‘hang out’consists of watching some tv show and working on our computers at the same time. In my previous post, we have had some misunderstandings due to lack of communication. So he wanted to make it up with me. But nothing was coming to mind — we were blank. We wanted to do something though, anything.
We decided to kind of do nothing really. We were going to go out and do things and try our best not to talk about our problems. Friday night, he took a leave from his job. And so off we went to a bar in Makati and got a few drinks. Our intention was to have ‘a little too much’ and then take some hours on walking in the park. Despite our best efforts we were not able to get tipsy as we hoped but our time at the bar was great. Just the two of us — talking — no computers, no work to interrupt us.
Our walk home was great. The weather was beautiful — not too hot and not too cold — and we had a lot of laughter. It was like we were younger and did the silly fun stuff we remember doing.
The whole night was perfect. We still talked about our jobs and bought some food on our way home, but overall we did great. There was no rushing to catch some emails, etc. We had a lot of adult conversation, we laughed and we didn’t have to rush anywhere.
We just enjoyed each others company. I love you Hun!


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