Monday, September 19, 2011

0 One Year Ago..

Time goes by. Time change and we change.
2010 was a year of challenges, of success and really some failures. Really! I’ll share the best moments of 2010 which represented the greatest challenge for me working at PODD. I have to start telling you that my first day as Account Manager couldn’t be more challenging. I got in the office on September 13, 2010, 9am. The first person I met was the HR Manager. After a talk with him and with the other staff and managers, I was taken to my workspace, the PMO. If I could say one word describing what I was thinking at that moment, hmm.. probably would be censored. But the second word I’d choose is shocked.
The place is so laid back and relax. I sat beside a petite and pretty Project Manager who initially just smiled at me. I didn’t have my laptop that time so I was given a temporary one to just get myself familiar with the system. There were 4 Project Managers and their Boss. So it was my 1st day.. and I was in some ways scared. Not scared of the work ahead or the company I’m gonna join nor what to expect from my new colleagues.
Work was pretty easy going on the 1st day. Like my Boss mentioned… it’s the honeymoon period. I was introduced to all the colleagues in the office – remembering only a handful of their names. But they all seem nice. And as it’s the 1st day, work was light. I was given this book to read. And I read it in one sitting while in the office. I must say I’ve never read so much so fast.. for a long long time, or ever! i was also asked to play online games. I was like, WTF?? I am here to work not to play online games! Haha! Of course, that was my first reaction. I tried several online games, those hidden objects games, duh! I was not able to stand it. So I tried to read on the Code of Conduct and Policies of the company. I was given my brief on my jobscope, and we did some planning as well. Time was a lil slow.. but still I made the best of it. But I wasn’t this positive on my first day of work. My first day was absolutely terrifying. I was being thrown headlong into my first actual job, and I had no clue what to expect.
I strode into the office about to wet my pants. My heart was pounding and I tugged nervously at the collar of my dress shirt. I tried to calm myself by crossing my fingers and hoping for the most menial of tasks that anyone could do. Then, I met my boss. She has a great personality and carries valued experience as a veteran of the game industry. I got the chance to have a one-on-one with her.. Game industry terms were being thrown around the room. Lol!
I went home after the first day feeling rather defeated. I was daunted by the road that lay ahead, but I still dragged my butt off to work the next day. And I found that the second day wasn’t all that terrible. Neither was the third day. Or the fourth. And heck, Friday was actually kind of fun.
It’s been a year since I first set foot in the office, and I’ve been happily working away at my desk since. Although the first day may have been a bit overwhelming, it was only because I had absolutely no clue what they expected from me. Now that I can even use the same industry terms in conversations with my colleagues, my ego has inflated a bit. For someone who started off knowing nothing about the industry, I’m getting along just dandily. I can’t wait to see where the next years take me.


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