Friday, January 20, 2012

0 A Good Day

It's a typical will-be-summer here in the Philippines, bit if a sun ; a few and sudden shower to dodge. After the horrors of calamities on the past months, many things like the weather, seem to be getting back to its normality. Currently, I have spent too many hours glued to the news channels watching scenes of mayhem unfold. Whilst the political and social commentators are still, understandably, doing their stuff in the Sunday newspapers, not to mention their live coverage in the news and current affairs. I have also been soaked-up in bitterness, feeling of betrayal and negative vibes for the past days. I realized, these made my brain and consciousness really tired. You know, being laid-off by the Company you have been working with for the past year is really draining. I've realized that its time to come up for air and do things I like to do. So, this week, I've been searching for nice places on where to celebrate and spend my husband's birthday on February and of course, my new addiction - cooking and baking. 

Cooking is great. And so is vacation. 

Inbetween the cooking addiction, I've been finalizing the list of places for my husband to choose on where he'd like to spend his birthday. While he's trying to choose, I had a great time with some of my relatives who just got  back in the Philippines for a vacation. Talking about vacation, huh. The thoughts of seeing them again while I can still clearly remember our good times together when we were still little kids, made me jump out of our house and spend the day with them. Its the same level of "how are you's" questions, story-telling sessions and laughters. Nothing has changed. Though we all have already families of our own, when were together, we are still those kids laughing at our stories like its the end of the world. I was so happy. 

So, for me, at least, its been a great day, a set of desserts done and a great time spent with my loved ones. 


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