Sunday, January 22, 2012

5 In Sentro 1771

Not sure about the 1771 in its name. My friends A and C, introduced me to this restaurant last Tuesday for our always been re-scheduled - long-awaited get together. lol. The place is really easy to find. Greenbelt 3, just beside Baba Gump. Of course, we had fun, as always. We ordered food like its the end of the world and enjoyed laughing at each other's flaws. haha!

2/L Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-3941
Here's what we got: 

corn beef sinigang. can't see the corn beef? me too!
crispy trotter (crispy pata). this is really good but a pit pricey
green mango salad. really good!
ginataang tilapia. yummy!
squash soup
Then we headed to grab some desserts. Was supposedly for a coffee but we ended getting CBTL's iced-blended drinks. 

L-R: red velvet, sunrise & double chocolate
This girls' night out will be memorable to me. Got my first times on dinning in Sentro and then got the double chocolate iced-blended drink. 

Sentro 1711 is actually part of Chateau 1711 Group of Companies. There are actually four: Chateau 1711, Sentro 1711, Sidebar and Cafe 1771. Sentro 1711 leads in a renaissance called modern Filipino cuisine experience by being first to break the boundaries found in time honored and familiar recipes and infusing it with a delectably sophisticated and cosmopolitan dimension. Using only the finest ingredients from both here in the Philippines and abroad, along with the deep understanding of the various traditional Filipino dishes, Sentro 1711 has innovated and re-invented on many local familiar flavors, preserving its many layers of taste and flavor while always adding something new, cosmopolitan and exciting every step of the way. Sentro has been very successful on making its legacy on making its name as your not ordinary Filipino restaurant. 

Overall, the food was great. A bit pricey, around Php 500- Php 600 per person. As for the location, it has a smoking and non-smoking area. The good thing about it was that there were waiters and waitresses in the smoking area so you can easily call them when you need something. 


AyLin said...

next time ulit! =)

Ness said...

uu.. i think, ikaw na nakatoka this feb, di ba? lol

levyousa said...

di ko pa na try dyan sa Sentro... mukhang masarap ang sinigang na corned beef...

thanks for visiting LEVYousa

Ness said...

Hi Levy! Yeah, the food was great. Go ka na! =)

[pinkc00kies] said...

FTW talaga their sinigang na corned beef :)

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