Monday, January 16, 2012

0 011412: Hongkong Dinner Date

My grumpy (that's what I call my hubby) is working in a call center from Mondays to Fridays on a graveyard shift. With this, he's almost sleeping the whole weekdays.. We always go out every weekends. Even without a plan on where to go except on Sundays that its our mantra to attend mass. But even on Sunday mass, we make it still extra special by going to churches that we've never been and attend a mass there. This is our life weekly. On my previous post about that giant ferris wheel along Manila Bay, we finally got the chance to try it ourselves. As I said on my tweets, its cool but not something to rave about, but still something to be proud of, of course! Here are my own shots: 

After the 10-minute ride, we went to grab dinner. This fairly new Hongkong restaurant caught our attention. We were hesitant at first thinking that food is expensive. So we checked out the menu and decided to try it out. The place was jam-packed. A lot of people are already waiting outside for their seats.. Yellow lights almost all over, all male crew welcoming you and introducing you to your table. The only woman I saw was the Manager. 'Twas hard for me and my grumpy to choose and decide which to order. While he's busy reading and understanding the menu (haha!), I took photos of their menu. 

After like 15mins, we've finally decided which one to order. Here they are:

From their Cheese Bakes Dishes, Hubby got his Baked pork Chop Spaghetti
From their Western "Hongkong Style" Dishes, I got the Chicken Bulgogi
And of course, who will forget, our favorite Pork Shu Mai (we got 3 orders of these, haha!)
And the becoming one of my fave drinks (like iced Milo), Iced Malted Chocolate Dinosaur!
This place is really nice. Food is worth of your every penny. This has made it to our restaurants list and will definitely go back for more pigging-out sessions.Total bill: less than Php1,000.00.

Sorry, was not able to take photos of their interiors. Googled it and thanks so much to Yuri of Lost Tsinelas for his post. All credits to him for these photos. Thanks!!

Until we meet again, Xin Wang!


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