Monday, January 16, 2012

0 I ♥ Mogu Mogu

Better late than never, right? It was just around a month ago when I discovered this drink. And it was in Bon Chon restaurant in Greenhills.. I didn't like their iced-tea and I remember when I glanced at their fridge, I saw Mogu Mogu. My first experience with this was with its lychee flavor. I loved it. My husband even asked the crew to buy another one for me *teehee*. After that, it has its space in our own fridge eversince. But, too bad, I haven't found this in some groceries. But surely they are available in 7-11 convenience stores. Lav et!!

All flavors L-R: Pineapple, Lychee, Strawberry, Orange, Grapes, Mango

They originally came from Bangkok, Thailand and is popular because of its chewy and delicious nata de coco bits. Mogu mogu is a Japanese term for "chew". Packed with nata de coco bits which sets this apart from other juice drinks now in the market. I think, the SRP is Php28-30. But in Bon Chon, they sell these for Php45.00. In 7-11 stores, this is Php29.00. A bit pricey for some, but just try and you'll know why it is worth every of your penny. Go! =)


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