Monday, February 06, 2012

0 Its The Bubba Gump!

After a long and tiring week for my grumpy, he got a chance to take a 1 day leave last Friday. He wanted to go out and dine out. He slept the whole day, recharging his energy. When he woke up, he said he wanted to try in Bubba Gump, in Greenbelt. So we started preparing and off we went to Makati area. As usual, the place is jam-packed. Not the Bubba Gump but the whole Greenbelt area, filled with white and exotic-looking creatures. 

So, we entered Bubba Gump and we were already in our "desired" table and still no one from the crews greeted or welcomed us. Sige lang. Then we waited. After 3mins (I think) a crew approached us, introduced herself and gave us their menu. I didn't try to remember her name as I am still pissed off that no one welcomed us when we entered the restaurant. 

2F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati Philippines (02) 7575154
The place is nice. There are also a lot of white creatures eating, friends having fun with their beers, etc. I like the style of this restaurant. I find it very relaxing, actually. While browsing on their menu, I got a little worried. The food are really pricey! I was looking at my grumpy because I know he's been budgeting our money. lol

Here's what we got: 

Cajun Shrimp
Sauteed in a hot & spicy cajun butter sauce. Served w/ garlic bread for dippin. Php385
Bourbon Street Fish
Charboiled cajun spiced fish w/ bourbon sauce &
shrimp over choice of mashed potato or rice.  Php530
Jenny's Catch w/ Lobster Butter Sauce
Pan-seared fish, laid over a choice of mashed pototoes or rice w/
sauteed spinach & creamy lobster sauce.  Php545
Captain's Fish & Chips
Beer-battered Dory. Php 530
Fleur 'd Lis
A royal drink w/ Malibu coconut rum, peach schnapps, & melon liqueur .
Php 275
Sweet Tea Coolers Php225
Honestly, we didn't enjoy the food. Sorry. The fish were a bit over cooked. The sauces that were used were not good tasting at all (well, at least for us). Total catch on our wallet? around Php2,200.00. Ka ching!! Oh, I forgot to mention the Php200 service charge. Tsk!

My own ratings: 

Place: CCCCC
Service: CCC
Food: CCC
Money: CCC
Overall: 14 out of 20

Click here, if you wanna see their menu and here's their FB page.

If we still want to go back here? Sure. But not anytime soon. 


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